Current Issue

Volume 33 (Available in July 2020)

1 Building a Pure Land Lineage: A Study of Zhida’s Play Guiyuan jing and a Translation of its Three Paratexts
Mengxiao Wang

2 Emplacing Dizang Bodhisattva on Mt. Jiuhua with Local Dramas during the Late Imperial and Republican Eras (1368–1949)
Nan Ouyang

3 Metaphorical Imagery and the Fashioning of Caodong Identity in Hongzhi Zhengjue’s 宏智正覺 (1091–1157) Commentarial Verses on Old Cases
Guo Xing (Bhikshuni)

4 The History of Jin Nikāya in Thailand: A Preliminary Study from a Socio-political Perspective
Yaoping Liu

5 The Puhua si 普華寺: Longing for Trustworthiness and Recognition. Transformations in the Religious Identity and Institutional Affiliation of the Chinese Buddhist Temple in Prato
Ester Bianchi

6 Karma, Charisma, and Community: Karmic Storytelling in a Blue-Collar Taiwanese Buddhist Organization
Justin R. Ritzinger