Volume 13 (May 2000) Table of Contents
    Vol. 1
  1. 緣起
    釋惠敏 Bhikkhu Huimin
  2. ⎯⎯⎯
  3. 印順長老著述中的真常唯心論以──《大乘起信論講記》為主 The True-Eternalism and Mind-Only Theory in MasterYinshun’s Work: With Special Reference to Discourseson the Sastra on the Awakening of Faith in Mahayana
    釋聖嚴 Ven. Sheng-yen
  4. 論阿富汗新發現的佉盧文佛教經卷 Buddhist Kharosthi Manuscripts Recently Discovered in Afghanistan
    王邦維 Wang, Bangwei
  5. 回鵲彌勒信仰考 Maitreya Worship among the Uighurs
    楊富學 Yang, Fuxue
  6. 戒從心生 Sila Originates in The Mind
    楊郁文 Yang, Yuwen
  7. 內觀禪修的探討 A Study of Vipasyana Meditation
    林崇安 Lin, Chungan
  8. 從《佛說善生經》看佛教的家庭倫理觀 The Buddhist View of Family Ethics from the Perspective of the Sujata Sutra
    業露華 Ye, Luhua
  9. 西方淨土的宗教學詮釋 Sukhavati Interpretated from the Standpoint of Western Religious Studies
    陳敏齡 Chen, Miinling
  10. 阿賴耶識之「無明、愛結、有識之身」經證考察 An Inquiry in the Canonical Statement between “Alayavijnana” and “Ignorance, Craving, Vijnana-Body”
    釋惠敏 Bhikkhu Huimin
  11. 陳那的三性思想──在《佛母般若波羅蜜多圓集要義論》中的理解 Dinnaga’s Thought of Three Natures: The Understanding in his Prajnaparamita-pindarthasamgraha
    陳宗元 Chen, Chungyuan
  12. 再論《妙法蓮華經》之「十如是」譯文 Another Look at the Translation “Ten Such-Likes” in the Lotus Sutra
    黃國清 Huang, Kuoching
  13. 《大智度論》略譯初探 A Preliminary Study of theAbbreviated Translation of the Da Zhidu Lun
    周伯戡 Chou, Bokan
  14. 刊本大藏經之入藏問題初探 A Preliminary Study on the Question of Which Texts Were Incorporated in theBlockprint Edition of the Tripitaka
    藍吉富 Lan, Chifu
  15. 楊文會的編藏思想 Yang Wenhui’s Concepts of Compiling a Tripitaka
    方廣錩 Fang, Guangchang
  16. 西秦佛教述論 Buddhism in the Western Qin Dynasty
    杜斗城 Du, Doucheng
  17. 北涼佛教與北魏太武帝發展佛教意識形態的歷程 Buddhist Political Ideology of the Northern Liangand Emperor Taiwu of the Northern Wei
    古正美 Ku, Chengmei
  18. 「一葦渡江」與「喫肉邊菜」──兩個著名禪宗故事的歷史探究 “Using a Stalk of Reed as a Boat to Sail across the Yangzi River” and “Eating Only Vegetable that Cooked with Meat”
    曹仕邦 Tso, Szebong
  19. 審視傳承──陳述禪宗的另一種方式 Looking at Lineage: A Different Way of Presenting Chan Buddhism
    馬克瑞 McRae, John R.
  20. 宗教融合與教化功能──以宋代兩種華嚴淨土信仰為例 Religious Syncretism and the Function of Conversion: Two Types of Belief in a Huayan Pure Land
    魏道儒 Wei, Daoru
  21. 大溪齋明寺的傳承宗風 The Tradition of ZhaimingMonastery in Daxi
    陳清香 Chen, Ching-hsiang
  22. 從數息觀論中國佛教早期禪法 The Meditation Methods of Early Chinese Buddhism: From the Perspective of Anapanasati
    陳英善 Chen, Yingshan
  23. 中國佛教義學的形成──東晉外國羅什「般若」與本土慧遠「涅樂」之爭 The Formation of Chinese Buddhology in the Eastern Jin Dynasty: The Clash between the Prajnaparamita Thought Imported by Kumarajiva and Huiyuan’s Native Nirvana Concepts
    賴鵬舉 Lai, Peng-chu
  24. 魏晉佛學思想之開展 The Development of Buddhist Thought during the Wei and Jin Dynasties
    劉貴傑 Liu, Kuichie
  25. 論中國佛教核心思想的建立 The Formation of the Central Philosophy of Chinese Buddhism
    冉雲華 Jan, Yunhua
  26. 法眼文益的禪教思想 To Unify the Zen and Sutra Discourse in Fayan Wenyi’s Thought
    蔣義斌 Chian, Ipin
  27. 永明延壽的心性論 The Mind-Nature Theory of Yongming Yanshou
    楊曾文 Yang, Zengwen
  28. 「人間佛教」的經典詮釋──是「援儒入佛」或是回歸印度? Scriptural Interpretation of “Buddhism for this World”: Is it “Applying Confucianism into Buddhism” or Returning to Indian Buddhism?
    楊惠南 Yang, Huinan
  29. 當前東亞佛教的復興情況及其對社會經濟的影響 The Revival of Buddhism in Present Day East Asia and its Influence on Society and Economy
    黃心川 Huang, Xinchuan
  30. 聖嚴法師佛學著述簡介 Introduction to Ven. Sheng-yen’s Buddhological Works
    高振農 Gao, Zhengnong
  31. 【附錄】【Appendix】
  32. 聖嚴法師行誼簡介 A Short Introduction to the Life of Ven. Sheng-yen
    李志夫 Lee, Chih-fu
  33. 聖嚴法師簡歷及其著作年表 A Short Introduction to the Life of Ven. Sheng-yen
  34. Vol. 2
  35. 《彌蘭陀王問經》重點評析 An Assessment of the Highlights in the Milindapanha
    巴宙 Pachow, W.
  36. 如何逆流往過去立志──《妙法蓮華經》重覆觀、忘記觀、時間觀 How to Will Backwards: Time, Forgetting and Repetition in the Lotus Sutra
    Ziporyn, Brook 任博克
  37. 《法華經》中的語言與邏輯──在哲學基礎下的詮釋學探究 Language and Logic in the Lotus Sutra: A Hermeneutical Exploration of Philosophical Underpinnings
    Wawrytko, Sandra A. 華珊嘉
  38. 文殊師利與神聖菩薩崇德 Manjusri and the cult of the Celestial Bodhisattvas
    Harrison, Paul M. 何離巽
  39. 佛陀之愛與人類之愛 Buddha’s Love and Human Love
    Ichimura, Shohei 市村承秉
  40. 空的本質與佛教倫理 The Nature of Emptiness and Buddhist Ethics
    Inada, Kenneth K. 稻田龜男
  41. 道家對華嚴宗的影響──中國佛教漢化的一例 The Taoist Influence on Hua-yen Buddhism: A Case of the Sinicization of Buddhism in China
    Oh, Kang-Nam 吳剛男
  42. 道宣律師所感通的迦葉佛袈裟 The Kasaya Robe of the Past Buddha Kasyapa in the Miraculous Instruction Given to the Vinaya Master Daoxuan (596-667)
    Shinohara, Koichi 篠原亨一
  43. 一個禪師的文學養成教育──大慧與覺範慧洪的友誼 A Monk’s Literary Education: Dahui’s Friendship with Juefan Huihong
    Levering, Miriam 雷維霖
  44. 宋代淨土詮釋初探──以湛然元照(1048~1116)為例 Pure Land Hermeneutics in the Song Dynasty: The Case of Zhanran Yuanzhao (1048~1116)
    Huang, Chi-chiang 黃啟江
  45. 韓國禪在東亞佛教研究裡的角色與地位 The Role and Significance of Korean Son in the Study of East Asian Buddhism
    Lancaster, Lewis R. 藍卡斯特
  46. 數位化時代的佛學研究 Buddhist Studies in the Digital Age
    Wittern, Christian 維習安
  47. 傳統與繼承──中國與西藏比丘尼傳承之薪火相傳 Lineage and Transmission: Integrating the Chinese and Tibetan Orders of Buddhist Nuns
    Shih, Heng-ching 釋恆清
  48. 中國禪在後現代歐洲的地位 The Place of Chan in Post-Modern Europe
    Crook,JohnH. 柯魯克
  49. 本體知識論與禪學中的頓悟 Onto-Epistemology of Sudden Enlightenment in Chan Buddhism
    Cheng, Chung-ying 成中英
  50. 經由道德進程開展與和平 The Development of Peace through the Process of Morality
    Pupatana, Somsuda 桑蘇達