Volume 14 (September 2001) Table of Contents
  1. 序:我是這樣走過來的 Preface: The Way I Have Come
    釋聖嚴 Ven. Sheng-yen
  2. 大乘起源與開展之心理動力──永恆懷念是大乘起源與開展的動力嗎? The Psychological Force behind the Origin and Development of the Mahayana: Is “Remembering Forever” the Original Force through which the Great Vehicle Came into Being and Grew?
    釋如石 Ven. Ju-shih
  3. 漢文電子佛典製作與運用之研究──以《瑜伽師地論》為例 A Study on Creation and Application of Electronic Chinese Buddhist Texts: With the Yogācārabhūmi as a Case Study
    釋惠敏、維習安、 杜正民、郭麗娟、 周邦信 Hui-min Bhikkhu, Christian Wittern, Aming Tu, Lijuan Guo, Ray Chou
  4. 大足石篆山石門山妙高山宋代石窟與文氏鐫匠世家的關係研究 The Song Dynasty Stone Grottos in Mt. Shizhuan, Mt. Shimen, and Mt. Maogao of Dazu in Relationship to Several Generations of Engravers of the Wen Clan
    胡文和 Hu, Wen-ho
  5. 日本帝國在臺殖民統治初期的宗教政策與法制化的確立 The Establishment of the Religious Policy and Its Legalization in the Early Period of the Japanese Colonialization
    江燦騰 Jiang, Cian-teng
  6. 僧肇思想辯證──《肇論》與道、玄關係的再審查 New Discourse of the Relationship between Seng-chao’s Philosophy and Taoism, New Taoism
    龔雋 Gong, Jun
  7. 彌陀淨土信仰對漢儒內心世界的影響 The Influence of Belief in Amitabha’s Pure Land on the Inner World of Chinese Literati
    釋慧嚴 Ven. Huey-yen
  8. 《金剛經》的詮釋與流傳 The Interpretation and Transmittal of the Diamond Sutra
    楊惠南 Yang, Hui-nan
  9. 敦煌寫卷中土造經的救贖思想──以《大正藏》第85冊為例 The Essence of Salvation in the Tun-huang Manuscripts – The Chinese Forged Sutra: Taking Ta Cheng Tsang Vol. 85 as an Example
    劉滌凡 Liu, Di-fan
  10. 法藏《大乘起信論義記》及元曉與見登的相關述記關於一心開二門的闡釋 Fa-Tzang’s Interpretation of the Interweaving between Tathagatagarbha and Vijbaptimatra in his Commentary on Mahayanawraddhotpada
    賴賢宗 Lai, Shen-chon
  11. 從「開權顯實」論法華之妙 The Wonderful Qualities of the Lotus Sutra Discussed from the Viewpoint of “Display of the Provisional and Manifestation of the Ultimate”
    陳英善 Chen, Ying-shan
  12. 淨土詮釋傳統中的宗門意識──論宋天台義學者對元照《觀無量壽經義疏》之批判及其所造成之反響 Sectarianism in the Pure Land Hermeneutic Tradition: On T’ien-t’ai Exegetes’ Critique of Yüan-chao’s Commentary on the Contemplation Sutra and the Repercussions of the Critique
    黃啟江 Huang, Chi-chiang
  13. 《教觀綱宗》緒論 Preface to The Essence of Teaching and Meditation
    釋聖嚴 Ven. Sheng-yen
  14. 一批收藏於臺北的緬甸聖典中華佛學研究所寫本典藏簡明目錄 A Bibliotheca Sacra Birmanica in Taipei The Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies Manuscript Collection Summary Catalogue
    費雅珂、牛彼得 Jacqueline Filliozat, Peter Nyunt
  15. 【附錄】【Appendix】
  16. 一、回顧與展望 Review and Prospects
    李志夫 Lee, Chih-fu