Volume 16 (September 2003) Table of Contents
  1. 初期佛教之「我」論 The Theory of Self in Early Buddhism
    王開府 Wang, Kaifuu
  2. 佛教的婚姻觀──以《阿含經》為主論 The Buddhist Concepts of Marriage: Based on the Perspective of the Āgama Sūtras
    陳美華 Chern, Meei-Hwa
  3. 《阿含辭典》編輯體例說明 An Explanation of the Principles used in Compiling the Āgama Dictionary
    楊郁文 Yang, Yuwen
  4. 「 獦獠作佛 」公案與東山禪法南傳──讀敦煌寫本《六祖壇經》劄記 The “Geliao Becomes a Buddha” Gongan and the Southward Spread of the Dongshan Lineage: Notes on the Dunhuang Version of the Platform Sūtra
    張新民 Zhang, Xinmin
  5. 國僧人釋熙仲和他的佛教編年史《釋氏資鑑》 Monk-Patriot Shi Xizhong and his Buddhist Chronicle Shishi Zijian
    曹仕邦 Tso, Szebong
  6. 虛雲和尚長時住定經驗之探索 An Inquiry into Master Xuyun’s Experience of Staying in Meditative Absorption for Extended Periods of Time
    釋惠敏 Huimin Bhikkhu
  7. 再檢視日治時代臺灣佛教界從事的教育事業 A Further Look at Buddhist Education in Taiwan during the Period of Japanese Rule
    釋慧嚴 Shi, Huiyan
  8. 日治時期高雄佛教發展與東海宜誠 Gisei Higashiumi and the Development of Buddhism in Gaoxiong during the Period of Japanese Rule
    江燦騰 Jiang, Canteng
  9. 佛教因果論的中國化 The Sinification of Buddhist Causation Theory
    黃啟江 Huang, Chi-chiang
  10. 宗密之援易說佛及其易學圓相圖式述考 A Critical Study of Zongmi’s Use of the Yijing in the Explanation of Buddhism
    王仲堯 Wang, Zhongyao
  11. 當代臺灣如來藏思想的諍議與回應──印順之後的如來藏學諍議之評議 Controversies and Responses regarding Tathāgatagarbha Thought in Contemporary Taiwan: A Critical Evalutation of Controversies regarding Tathāgatagarbha Studies after Yinshun
    賴賢宗 Lai, Shenchon
  12. 齋明寺舊藏捲軸佛畫──以三寶佛畫為例 Old Buddhist Scroll Paintings at Zhaiming Temple: The Case of the ‘Three Buddhas’
    陳清香 Chen, Chinghsiang
  13. 《現觀莊嚴論》綱要書──《八事七十義》之譯注研究 An Annotated Translation of Eight Topics and their Seventy Subtopics: An Outline of the Abhisamayālamkāra
    廖本聖、顙凌格西 Liao, Bensheng and dGe bshes Zangs gling
  14. 突厥佛教雜考 Miscellaneous Notes on Buddhism among the Türk
    楊富學 Yang, Fuxue
  15. A Preliminary Study of Shōkū’s Pure Land Teachings
    涂玉盞 Tu, Yuzhan