Volume 17 (July 2004) Table of Contents
  1. 人本的佛法與人本為中心的佛教──論印順導師「人間佛教」之本懷 Buddhadharma for People and Human-oriented Buddhism: A Discussion of the Original Concerns of Ven. Yinshun’s “Humanistic Buddhism”
    楊郁文 Yang,Yuwen
  2. 印順導師之部派佛教思想論(I)──三世有與現在有 Ven. Yinshun’s Theory of Sectarian Buddhist Thought (I): Existence in the Three Periods and Existence in the Present
    釋惠敏 Huimin Bhikkhu
  3. 《大般若經.第十五會.靜慮波羅蜜多分》的禪修教授──做為佛典「摘要寫作」的 一個練習 Meditative Practices of the 15th Assembly of the Prajñāpāramitā-Sūtras
    蔡耀明 Tsai, Yao-ming
  4. 敦煌石室《心經》音寫抄本校釋序說 The Annotation of a Phonetic Transcription Manuscript of the Heart Sūtra from Dunhuang
    萬金川 Wan, Jinchuan
  5. 吳越諸王(893-978)與佛教 The Kings of Wuyue (893-978) and Buddhism
    黃繹勳 Huang, Yi-hsun
  6. 神通寺四門塔探源 A Study of the Origins of the Four Gate Pagoda of Shentong Monastery
    陳清香 Chen, Chinghsiang
  7. 論「五味半滿相成」所建構的天臺判教體系 A Discussion of the Tiantai Doctrinal Classification System as Constructed by the “Five Flavors: Mutual Achievement of the Partial and Complete”
    陳英善 Chen, Yingshan
  8. 太虛、圓瑛二大師與臺灣佛教界 Taiwan Buddhism: Taixu and Yuanying
    釋慧嚴 Shi, Huiyan
  9. In-laws of the Buddha as Depicted in Pāli Sources 巴利典籍所述佛陀之姻親
    沙洛 K.T.S. Sarao
  10. Expressing the Fallacy from the Viewpoint of a Pervader: Nāgārjuna and the Putative Consequences of Svabhāva 從能遍的觀點論證錯誤認知的思維方式──龍樹和虛設自性的後果
    馬紀 William Magee
  11. 【日文】文化的拘束を離れた仏教的宗教性の伝達──東南及び東 Culture-Free Transmission of Buddhistic Spirituality: Global-Era Transformations from Southeast and East Asia
    市村承秉 Shōhei Ichimura