Volume 19 (July 2006) Table of Contents
  1. 【Preface】Preface to the Commemorative Volume in Honor of Professor Yang Yuwen’s Seventieth Birthday
    李志夫 Lee, Chih-Fu
  2. 【講記】無分別與二諦說 【Lecture】Non-discrimination and the Two Truths
    楊郁文 Yang, Yuwen
  3. 分別與無分別──‘無分別’>‘分別’>‘分別’>‘無分別’‘無分別’ Discrimination and Non-discrimination: Non-discrimination>discrimination>discrimination>non-discrimination, non-discrimination
    Yang, Yuwen
  4. 關於禪宗牧牛圖的兩個問題──從《增一阿含經》〈牧牛品〉說起 Two Issues with regard to the Chan Ox-herding Pictures: Beginning with the “Ox-herding” Chapter in the Āgamas
    李志夫 Lee, Chih-Fu
  5. 資訊時代的阿含研究──以《阿含辭典》數位化研究為例 Āgama Research in the Information Age: The Digitization of the Āgama Dictionary
    杜正民、周邦信、釋法源 Aming Tu, Ray Chou, Fa-Yuan Shi
  6. 巴利數位文獻資源現況評述與未來展望──兼談「初期佛教聖典多語多本平行語料庫」的幾點構想 A Discussion of the Present Situation and Future Prospects of Pāli Digital Resources: With some Remarks on the “Multilingual Parallel Corpus of Early Buddhist Texts”
    蔡奇林 Tsai, Chi-lin
  7. 早期佛教文獻中所載一個典型佛教修行道架構及其來源之探討──以四部漢譯《阿含經》和四部巴利尼柯耶為代表 A Stereotyped Structure of the Path in Early Buddhist Literature: A Comparative Study of the Four Pāli Nikāyas and Four Chinese Āgamas
    越建東 Yueh, Jiandong (Kin-Tung Yit)
  8. 當佛教遇見耆那教──初期佛教聖典中的宗教競爭與詮釋效應 Buddhism’s Encounter with Jainism: Religious Competition and Hermeneutic Effect
    呂凱文 LÜ, Kaiwen
  9. 孤山智圓《金剛錍顯性錄》中的山外主張──色不具三千 Gushan Zhiyuan’s Off-Mountain Position in his Jin’gang pi xianxing lu: Rūpa does not Contain the Three Thousand
    楊惠南 Yang, Huinan
  10. 孤山智圓與其時代──佛教與宋朝新王道的關係 Zhiyuan and His Times: The Relationship Between Buddhism and Benevolent Government in the Song
    蔣義斌 Chiang, I-Pin
  11. 天臺五停心觀之探討 A Discussion of the Five Types of Calming Meditation in Tiantai Buddhism
    陳英善 Chen, Yingshan
  12. 關於Candrakīrti的二諦說中的幾個問題(上) Several Issues regarding Candrakīrti’s Theory of Two Truths (Part I)
    釋見弘 Shi, Jien-Hong
  13. 佛教心心所與現代心理學 The Mind and Mental Concomitants in Buddhism and Modern Psychology
    蔡伯郎 Tsai, Po-Lang
  14. 雲岡石窟題材內容和造型風格的源流探索──以佛傳本生因緣故事為例 A Study of the Artistic Styles in the Yungang Grottoes and their Subject Matter: Biographies of the Buddha, Jātaka Tales, and Nidāna Tales
    胡文和 Hu, Wenhe
  15. 川密造像藝術初探 A Preliminary Study of Sculptural Art relating to Sichuan Esoteric Buddhism
    李巳生 Li, Sisheng
  16. 【English】A Tree in the West: Competing Tathāgatagarbha Theories in Tibet 【英文】西方之樹──西藏如來藏理論之爭
    馬紀 William Magee