Volume 9 (July 1996) Table of Contents
  1. 緣起之「此緣性 (idappaccayata)」
    楊郁文 Yang, Yu-wen
  2. 受念住的研究 A Study of Vedana-smrty-upasthana
    林崇安 Lin, Chung-an
  3. 竺法護的翻譯初探 A Tentative Study of Translation Works of Master Dharmaraksha
    梅迺文 Mai, lai-man
  4. 漢傳「受戒法」之考察 An lnguiry into the Chinese Tradition of Receiving the Precepts
    釋惠敏 Ven. Hui-min
  5. 論佛教受中土道教的影響及佛經真偽 The Taoist Impact on Chinese Buddhist and the Authenticity of Buddhist Sutras
    蕭登福 Hsiao, Teng-fu
  6. 太子晃與文成帝──英年早逝的天才父子政治家大力推廣佛教於北魏的功勳及其政治目的 Crown Prince Huang and Emperor Wen-ch’eng: A Study on the Promulgation of Buddhism in the Northern Wei
    曹仕邦 Tso, Sze-bong
  7. 張商英護法的歷史意義 The Historical Significance of Chang Shang-ying’s Defense of Buddhism
    黃啟江 HuangChi-chiang
  8. 漢月法藏(1573~1635)與晚明三峰宗派的建立 Han-yueh Fa-tzang(1573~1635) and the San Fong School in Late Ming Dynasty
    連瑞枝 Lien, Ruch-chi
  9. 明末清初閩台佛教的互動 The Interaction of Fukien’s and Taiwanese Buddhism in Late Ming and Early Ch’ing Dynasty
    釋慧嚴 Ven. Hui-yen
  10. 法藏之心識觀的特色 The Characteristics of Fa-tsang’s View of Mind and Consciousness
    鄧克銘 Deng, K'e-ming
  11. 從湛然〈十不二門〉論天台思想之發展演變 On the Development and Evolution of the Thoughts of Tien-tai School–From the Perspective of Chan-jan’s Ten Non-dual Doors
    陳英善 Chen, Yin-shan
  12. 從佛教之倫理精神對中國當代社會之反省 A Reflection on the Contemporary Society of China–From the Perspective of Buddhist Ethics
    李志夫 Lee, Chih-fu
  13. A Pre-Buddhist Meditation System and its Early Modifications by Gotama the Bodhisattva (2) 論四禪──喬達摩菩薩轡何改定此一佛教前已有的法門(下)
    穆克紀 Mukherjee, Biswadeb
  14. 澄觀的華嚴三聖觀 Ch’eng-kuan on the Hua-yen Trinity
    詹密羅 Gimello, R. M.